Data is the air that business breathes.

Breathing deep with Redstar

The flow of data in and out of a business is critical. Back in the steam-driven days of dial-up, our expectations of file sharing far exceeded technology’s ability to deliver. Can you remember how frustrating that was (you may need to describe it to your younger colleagues)? Of course, today’s connectivity options are unrecognisable from those days, but our dependency is more acute than ever. Factor in mass migration to cloud services and storage and that data flow, or any compromise to it, can be make or break for many organisations.

Planning your ecosystem

The faster you run, the more air you need to breathe in and out. The same is true of your business and your data consumption: the faster you go, the more data you generate and consume. What you sucked into your system three years ago though, is likely to be less than you’re using now. And in another three years it will have increased again.

We want to make the most of your investment, which means understanding where your business is headed and making sure your connectivity allows for that evolution. The performance you need now, the performance you need tomorrow, reliably and consistently delivered from the same underlying foundations.


Exclusively yours

Our portfolio of connectivity solutions includes unlimited and uncontended services specifically built for business customers. That means your business gets its own data connection, without having to share it with anyone else.

Easy billing and management

As with all Redstar solutions, our connectivity provision comes with full cost centre billing, online portal and enhanced reporting and monitoring platforms. You don’t just get the data pipe, you get insight, access and control.

Rapid response

Redstar is independent, agnostic and agile, which means we can move quicker and more flexibly than many other providers. Our integrated systems enable us to beat standard carrier lead times for new requirements, move, adds and changes.

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