Bringing it all together, seamlessly

Delivering the unified experience

This is where Redstar excels – acting as your virtual telecoms team; delivering solutions that are built around your organisation’s objectives; leveraging the most appropriate technology to maximise productivity and efficiency; and managing your telecoms ecosystem, from desktop handsets to mobile phone contracts so your staff can work at the same effectiveness, whether they are in the office or on the move.

Working with you

The right technology estate should be the enabler for your business’s best performance. Get it wrong and the effects are not just felt in productivity – frustration, lack of trust and ad hoc workarounds have cultural side effects as well.

When planning your telecoms solution we believe it’s imperative that we engage and consult across your business to understand the differing challenges and demands your various teams face, as well as understanding what it is you are trying to achieve at a strategic level.

With this human and strategic focus, Redstar is able to deliver more services, add more value, streamline processes and simplify tasks.

Maximise the value of your key business applications

Management and support

Implementation of your new solution is planned with the same care as the solution itself, and is fully project managed from start to finish. Once up and running, we constantly monitor and manage performance to ensure the optimum service levels are maintained. This data is made available to you through our bespoke reporting and monitoring system, which can be integrated with your finance systems and other areas of your business, including sales reports, activity reports and inventories.

This high standard of service is equalled by our support team. Friendly, approachable, UK-based, they are there whenever you need, providing guidance, information and problem resolution with a personal touch you simply can’t get from larger providers.

Increase productivity and efficiency while improving customer experience


The potential of technology can only fully be realised when you bring it together, integrating critical areas of your operations to deliver capability, flexibility and efficiency, and a unified communications presence.

Convergence allows smartphone connection to your corporate voice network and phone system, and in turn, your phone system can be integrated with your CRMs and other internal systems to create a seamless experience for your staff and customers alike. Add enhanced solutions like QueueBuster and customised audio messages and you can personalise the way your customers interact with your business. Our Contact Centre solutions combine real time ACD reporting with key applications in your business, powering productivity with screen pop ups and key information pushed to your agents in real time.

Future proof your business for growth and change

Risk mitigation

OK, so you’ve got a fully integrated technology ecosystem – everything is talking to everything else, and customers are enjoying the slick new experience. But suddenly your business is more reliant on technology than it’s ever been.

The benefits may be far reaching and numerous, but still, that dependency is a risk, right?

Right. It is critical that resilience, redundancy and disaster recovery are built into your solution. All Redstar solutions include comprehensive planning for risk mitigation, often involving proven, robust and secure cloud-based environments, such as Azure, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services, but all delivering assured business continuity, contingency planning, disaster recovery and network resilience.