So, why choose Redstar?

Here are five good reasons …

Redstar is committed

We know the reputation that large telecoms providers have rightly earned for themselves.

Their focus on sales and volume means they can’t afford to focus on customer relationships. For us, the relationship is everything.

We are committed to standing by our promises, doing what we say we’ll do, delivering when we say we will and making your life so easy you’ll want us around for the long term.

Redstar is trusted

Our customers know that we’re on their side. We want to be your telecoms partner, advising and guiding you, not just a provider.

We’re concerned with your objectives and want to be with you for the journey.

We’re accountable, open and transparent, and will happily introduce you to other customers should you prefer to hear it from them directly.

We’re a smart choice for businesses that value services.

Redstar is focused on outcome

We want to make a difference to your business. To that end, we focus on outcomes, on being effective.

That means we keep a lean operation structured on what our customers really need – open, honest, efficient contact that resolves issues swiftly and positively with no compromise to their business.

Redstar understands

We can only deliver effectively if we have a clear understanding of what’s going to work best for your business. Our initial analysis is comprehensive and takes full account of not only what you need now, but where your business is heading.

We understand IT, we understand technology, and we understand the marketplace. That means we know what you need and what is excessive.

And of course, we know telecoms. We understand real-world best value and who are the best carriers, partners and providers.

Redstar is easy to live with

We want to make your life easier.

We want you to enjoy a great customer experience, without fear, cynicism or doubt that you will be able to get hold of us, or that you will find help and resolution when you ask for it.

We combine multiple services into one, comprehensive monthly invoice, and we’ve made sure that your analytics software can integrate directly with your CRM and accountancy systems.

And we look after our staff, because continuity is as important to you as it is to us.